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Created in Megamod especially for Now Play This 2024 edition
Welcome to the amazing world of worlds! Explore the limits of reality, immerse yourself in unique environments, and embark on thrilling adventures as you transition from one state to the next. Be the first to reach the finish line and take all the rewards!

About the game

Start point
The game starts in an Ordinary Room in an ordinary world, but there is an exit. So, first and foremost, enter a thrilling Monochromatic Environment where you'll sprint through a hand-drawn cityscape, savor magnificent panoramas, and observe the artist at work. Embrace this painted universe, where each step exposes a moving masterpiece. Become a part of the canvas as you go through the artist's vision.
Acid Dungeon
You'll be thrown into the Acid Dungeon and thrust into the role of a hero who must battle hazards and traps to escape the ancient dungeon!
Next you'll land in a Stadium where you have to compete on the running track in front of the stadium stands, all while being watched and cheered on. It's a great, dramatic task in which the contestants struggle, overcoming tremendous barriers and looking for creative ways to do so.
Magical Library
After that, take refuge in the Magical Library. It is a repository for ancient knowledge and wisdom. Books on magic, alchemy, astrology, history, philosophy, and a variety of other subjects can be found here. Books are written in a variety of formats to meet the demands of each reader. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of magic and learn something new, the Magical Library is the place to be!
Goblin Cave
Will the wisdom of books enable you to pass the Goblin Cave and stay safe? Come on, give it a shot!
Contraband Columns
In the next exhilarating maritime adventure, venture out into the perilous waters of the Contraband Columns, where broken pillars conceal secret gems and illicit cargo.
Egyptian pyramids
Travel back in time and visit the Egyptian pyramids. They've always been enigmatic. Their origin, construction, and content. Today, we can reveal a portion of one of these mysteries to you. Discover the secrets of a pharaoh by visiting his tomb. But be cautious!
Magic Greenhouse
Then slow down in the Magic Greenhouse. This greenhouse is home to the most amazing flowers and plants from mythical worlds. Relax and take in the breathtaking scenery.
From the greenery to the open water. You have to pass over the Oceanarium. It is a one-of-a-kind location where travelers may immerse themselves in nature, witnessing many species of fish, corals, and other marine creatures in their natural habitat. Here, visitors can take in the grandeur of the ocean, learn more about its environment, and take part in a variety of interactive events and shows.
Deep Dive
Go deeper into the Deep Dive universe, where shimmering jellyfish and corals create charming impressions while dangerous creatures hide in the shadows, ready to attack anyone who disturbs their solitude. Travelers who want to explore this area must be prepared for unforeseen risks as well as incredible discoveries.
Forgotten Laboratory
There are a lot of abandoned sites on Earth, and this Forgotten Laboratory is one of them. No glass will be able to restrain the forces of nature, and as soon as human attention disappears, a violent force will break free, ready to absorb everything that has been ever created. And will you be able to withstand such a disaster?
"Old Steam" factory
Good job! But there is another threat to humankind, and you won't be able to pass it by. At the "Old Steam" factory, robots have seized the power. Ancient steam mechanisms still work properly under the supervision of their new iron owners, who aim to rule the whole world. Try to do your best and get to the end, but be careful; don't get caught in their metal fingers.
Stellar Elegy
If something goes wrong, you can always escape into space. The spaceship "Stellar Elegy" is a work of art in space, with an attractive tube and a giant panoramic window offering a glimpse of the universe and the most spectacular journey.
Finally your adventures are coming to an end or are they just beginning? What surprises await you in the last game dimension? Welcome to Now Play That 2024 to find out!

About Megamod

Megamod is a user-generated content-based multiplayer platform that went into early access in May 2023. It provides creators with tools to design their own video games as well as an ecosystem for distributing, promoting, and monetizing them.
Voxel graphics is native to young users, who are also familiar with most of the Megamod game mechanics to create parkour tracks, mazes, car races, sport games, and any pop culture-inspired narratives.
Megamod allows young creators to do whatever they want. It only takes a few hours to design a new game with platform solutions, and everyone can experience it! It sounds incredible for an industry where studios spend years developing new products.
Megamod is about to revolutionize the gaming industry in the same way that Spotify and YouTube transformed the music and video content markets by allowing users to create and distribute content.
Megamod now has 570+ new games released every week and over 2500 followers that create and play (the data is current as of October 2023).


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